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PiGreco is a study support center funded to provide youngsters (in particular young people with learning disorders) with teaching and motivational support during their studies.

PiGreco center is a place where youngster with and without specific learning difficulties can meet and cooperate in their learning process and improve their studying skills.

The work environment itself is aimed to promote interaction and cooperation, not only in the student-teacher relationship but also between students.

The center supports youngsters both with a teaching approach on a personal basis and renewing the interest and curiosity towards studying and any form of learning, formal and non formal in order to replace a superficial approach with a real comprehension of the covered subjects.

Therefore, the learning process in PiGreco center is focused on the recovery of cognitive functions, when inadequate for the school system, and on building intrinsic motivation in the student.

A personalised approach, implemented to follow the student step by step, develops in a more occasional help, when and if needed, as the student becomes more and more independent.

The center’s goal is to be a place of cooperation, meeting and cultural development with a deep ethical foundation. Hence PiGreco represents an intercultural meeting point managed respecting differences as a value.