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PiGreco is a study support center funded to provide youngsters (in particular young people with learning difficulties) with educational and motivational support during their studies. PiGreco center is a place where youngster with and without specific learning disorders can meet and cooperate in their learning process and improve their studying skills.

The work environment itself is aimed at promoting interaction and cooperation, not only in the student-teacher relationship but also between students.

What we do:

– Study support, aimed at anyone who consider themselves a student, regardless of age. Students are offered individual lessons or group lessons, focused on the subjects or topics that have proven troublesome for them or which they wish to strengthen. In addition to primary and secondary school students, the center also caters to those preparing for university courses, adults wanting to learn a foreign language or wishing to resume studying, as well as those preparing for an entry test for a given profession or looking to sharpen their IT skills.

 – Support for students with special educational needs and cognitive disabilities, also aimed at students of every age who wish to receive additional and qualified assistance. There is not a single and unified modus operandi, but each and every case is specifically examined and the most appropriate method is selected together with a Feuerstein operator. The centre offers educational and metacognitive after-school services for teenagers of middle school (11-14 years old), who are assisted by educational experts and volunteers.

The center’s goal is to be a place of cooperation, meeting and cultural development with a deep ethical foundation. Hence PiGreco represents an intercultural meeting point managed respecting differences as a value.

PiGreco in Europe – Our international blog:

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